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Peace, Love, Respect, Gratitude‚Äč


Minister Universal Life Church

My life, like everyone elses, has been such a journey. Good times, lots of good times, bad times, not to many, but they were shear HELL.

   As miserable as I thought I was, those are the times that I am most grateful for! It was during those times, when I thought that my world was going to end, that I truly learned how to BE. It was during those times, that I learned to let go of what my ego thought it had to have to be whole; and to follow the guidance that the Universe had been giving me all along. It was during those times that I found out that I am whole and perfect just as I am.

   That guidance lead me to try on many religions and to travel down many spiritual paths. Through studying the paths of Jehovah's Witnesses, Born Again Christians, The Course in Miracles, Buddhism, Solitary Wicca and Shamanism I found my personal truth; that ALL roads lead to God and the answers that we look for are there for us, if we expand our consciousness and invite them in.

   Spiritual based hypnosis is a very effective way to get out of our own way and open ourselves to finding out what is stopping us from living the very best life that we can live Right Here, Right Now!

    When I found hypnosis, at HCH, in Lafayette, California, I found such release and happiness that I wanted to run out and tell the whole world,"you don't have to suffer anymore! It's so easy!" I know that it sounds to good to be true but IT IS TRUE! At that point I knew that all of my previous studies had been in preparation to became a hypnotherapist. I REALLY LOVE MY WORK!

    Let me tell you a fact about me that all of my friends and family already know... I used to love to smoke pot... I don't do it anymore because I can get that same happy, high feeling on demand, now that I have cleared out most of the "Demons" in my own mind. When I was high I would think about the Dali Lama and other highly evolved Beings and think that, that high feeling had to be similar to the ever elusive "bliss" that they spoke of and if they were able to feel it naturally, then I should be able to feel it without intoxicants, also. The first time that I went to a hypnotherapist, I felt that "bliss" and I knew that I wanted to share it. That one time was not the cure for all of my woes, but it was push that started to open the door. Once I saw, what I had already known was possible, I had no choice but to continue on, pushing on that door until it swung so wide open that, now, some days I am so happy with my life and feel my blessings so deeply that I feel as though I may explode from the expansion of joy.

     Anyone who tells you that this can happen for you in one session is most likely exaggerating, but I am telling you that it can happen for you if you are willing to go into your subconscious and face your personal "Demons".

Contact me at (925)787-8850

[email protected]

Martinez, CA

Appointment Hours: Monday-Wedneday 1pm-8-pm

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