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Peace, Love, Respect, Gratitude‚Äč

The Mind, Body, Soul Connection

Living the Life You Deserve

In the Body You Love

This Class is not about controlling your weight so that you can live the life that you fantasize about. This class is about reprogramming your mind to stop the constant, automatic negative talk and self sabotaging actions that keep you from living the life you deserve and from taking care of your body in a way that allows it to serve you in the highest, healthiest way possible for you.

Buddha, Jesus, Paramahansa Yogananda, Ram Dass, Joseph Campbell, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Alberto Villoldo, Rick Hanson. Ester and Jerry Hicks, Caroline Myss, Deepok Chopra, M Scott Peck, Thick Nhat Hanh, .... The list goes on. These are just a few of my teachers. We are so blessed to be alive at a time when there is so much information available to help us to realize our potential to be Happy, but knowing on an intellectual level is not enough. What is necessary to change at the core level is to FEEL what you are learning. To take those new feelings in and embrace them, to roll around in them and bathe in them and to realize how much you really LIKE those feelings, then they will be YOURS!

This is going to be very experiential. Every week we will be doing exercises to implant self actualizing patterns into our brains, that replace those that do not serve our joy. Each week, building on the previous weeks so that our new ways of relating to ourselves become as natural to our nature as the old ways were. 

This will be work, it will require infallible self truth, and it will require compromise with some of our parts. Ten weeks in this class will only be the beginning, You will have to make a commitment to yourself for the rest of your life, but with the tools you get here, it will not be painful The pay off, of living a life based on Joy rather than on deprivation, is more than worth it.

We will be doing this work in a very supportive group atmosphere and every effort will be made to address the issues of the individuals, but if you find that you would like some added support outside the group and of course, strictly confidentially, I do offer my Hypnotherapy and EFT services at 50% off to my students currently registered in one of my classes