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Peace, Love, Respect, Gratitude‚Äč



     Now that I have passed the half century mark it amazes me to see how simple life can be: everything that was big, is now small, everything that was complicated is becoming more and more basic.

     That is how EFT has come about. Gary Craig took the age old practice of acupuncture, which uses our energy meridians, and takes years to learn, and streamlined it into a practice that we can all learn quickly and use in our daily lives to get relief from just about any pain, phobia, addiction or other dis-ease, by tapping on basic meridians while making statements to support our healing and eliminate the underlying issues.

     When EFT is used with Hypnotherapy, I have seen people let go of pain in an amazingly short time and get to the core issues, that are causing their suffering and release them.

     While EFT also works very well for people addicted to cigarettes and food, it should always be used in addition to a program or therapy for alcohol and drug addictions.

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Martinez, CA

Appointment Hours: Monday-Wednesday 1pm-8-pm

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