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Peace, Love, Respect, Gratitude‚Äč


The work Reiki is actually derived by combining two Japanese words, "Rei" which means "Gods's wisdom" or "the Higher Power" and "KI" which means "life force energy". Reiki is used to reduce stress and to actively request the life force energy of the Universe, however you perceive that to be, to promote healing wherever it is needed in ones body, mind and Soul. It is done by laying on hands, requesting the presence of Spirit and all of our guides and then letting the energy flow. Let me tell you, the energy flows!

What can I say about Reiki? Reiki is the ultimate energy gift from source. We all have the divine birthright to ask for and to receive the healing energy of the Universe. Why then do people suffer and die? Because that is the contract that we made on the soul level when we came into this life. 

     I don't believe that we came into this life planning to get some debilitating disease, or that we planned to suffer through one painful experience after another, but, we came here knowing that those were the possibilities and we came with the intention of not just surviving the trials but using them to advance our soul's evolution.

     To what? I don't know. That is for each of us to decide for ourselves. My guides, my intuition, tells me that in this life time, I do not need to know what is after now. I need to be the very best Human Be-ing that I can be Right Here, Right Now and I must be a part of the solution and not a part of the problems.




Reiki Healers: if you are interested in sharing your Blessings, contact me!

Contact me at (925)787-8850

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Martinez, CA

Appointment Hours: Monday-Wednesday 1pm-8-pm

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